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Debt Collections

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Civil Litigation

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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

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Bailey Haynes Incorporated | Attorneys in Cape Town


Our Law Firm in Cape Town specialises in civil litigation in the High-, Regional- and Magistrate’s Courts. Additionally, we provide comprehensive legal services including property conveyancing, motor vehicle accident claims, matrimonial and family law matters as well as criminal law matters.

Our Law Firm operates in the greater Cape Town area – servicing areas such as Cape Town, Kuils River, Mitchells Plain, Bellville, Goodwood and Wynberg to name a few.

We have an extensive legal correspondent base across the country to institute matters which do not fall in our immediate jurisdiction.

Our staff and attorneys are highly skilled and trained to assist with any legal matter.

Located within walking distance of the High-, Magistrate's- & Labour Courts in Cape Town central, our law firm provides quick attendance to any urgent matter.

In addition to this, our satellite office in Bellville is situated close to the Bellville Magistrate's Court.

Bailey Haynes Incorporated is deemed to be an Exempted Micro-Enterprise and qualifies for a promotion to a B-BBEE Status of “Level 4 Contributor” having B-BBEE procurement recognition 100% in terms of Clause 4 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice.


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    Our Legal Services & Expertise

    Litigation & Collections

    Where litigation cannot be avoided through mediation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution process, our attorneys in Cape Town tenaciously pursue litigation across all areas of the law.

    Legal Correspondent Services

    Our Law Firm is ideally located close to the High Court and Magistrate's Court in the centre of Cape Town and will always accept instructions and referrals from colleagues on an agreed fee basis.

    Commercial Law & Contracts

    Over 80% of all matters which are litigated are due to contractual disputes, so it goes without saying that the drafting of a commercial agreement should be entrusted to a legal practitioner.

    Divorce & Family Law

    Our Divorce Lawyers provide professional advice relating to all aspects of family law, including the enforcement and protection of rights in family, personal relations as well as antenuptial contracts.


    The Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act protects the rights of all occupants of land and property, including illegal and unlawful occupants. Our approach to managing your rented property does not start at the eviction process but rather at drafting of your lease.

    Labour Law

    Our Labour Law Attorneys offer expert advice on all labour and employment related issues in lieu of all recent and relevant developments in terms of the Labour Relations Act.

    Property & Conveyancing

    Property or Real Estate Law demands the utmost attention to detail and knowledge of the applicable laws governing the field. Our Conveyancing Attorneys attend to Property Transfers or Conveyancing and wide range of property related matters.

    Criminal Law

    We have a strong criminal law department which provide all professional criminal defence services including bail applications and clearing criminal records.

    Estates, Wills and Trusts

    Our Estate Attorney Department provides administration for Deceased Estates including estate planning and efficent tax planning through Wills and the formation of trusts.



    Unprotected Strike in South Africa - What's legal anymore?

    In South Africa, we have the Constitutional Right to strike in terms of Section 23 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996.

    Limitations may be placed on a constitutional right, in terms of Section 36, should the limitation be reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society based on dignity, freedom and equality.

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    Legal steps after a Natural Disaster

    First and foremost, after a Natural Disaster, when safe to do so, one should return to place of residence to assess the damage.

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    Is a Verbal Agreement Legally Binding?

    Although verbal agreements are as legally binding and enforceable as any written agreement, the issue presents itself when trying to prove the existence of the said agreement.

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