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Commercial Lawyers in Cape Town

Over 80% of all matters which are litigated are due to contractual disputes. With the stringent rules introduced by way of the Consumer Protection Act, every contract entered into within the Republic of South Africa is now subject to legislative scrutiny and protection.

The drafting of a commercial agreement is a responsibility of which you should always entrust in a professional. At Bailey Haynes Incorporated, our commercial lawyers pride themselves on drafting all commercial contracts in line with our clients’ needs and the law. Our services are utilised by professional businesses and individuals wishing to protect their interests.

Contact us and we'll help you protect your commercial interests.

Our commerical law services include:

  • Distribution agreements
  • Rental / Lease agreements
  • Commission based agreements
  • Cross border agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Service Level Agreements / SLA’s
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Sale of Business / Going Concern
  • Confidentiality agreements

Bailey Haynes Inc. - Law Firm in Cape Town

Our commercial lawyers have extensive experience and can help you protect your business.

Contact our law firm in Cape Town for more information abour our commercial law & contract drafting services.



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