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Leases, Rentals & Property Evictions - Attorneys Cape Town

The Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act protects the rights of all occupants of land and property, including illegal and unlawful occupants.

The stringent requirements of this Act prevents all unlawful evictions and protects the rights of unlawful occupiers. Late paying tenants are a landlords nightmare, with more often than not the bond payer falling behind on his bond repayments due to late payments by lessees.

With the current stringent laws in place, the lessee becomes the dominant person in the legal relationship with the lessor having to resort to legal action to regain control of his property. We at Bailey Haynes Incorporated are geared to put measures in place to prevent the headaches and loss of income incurred by late paying tenants.

Bailey Haynes Inc. - Attorneys Cape Town

Our approach to managing your lease agreements does not start at the eviction process but rather at drafting of your lease agreement. More often than not, the eviction of an illegal occupier is hampered by loop-holes which are inherent of, not only the law, but of the actual lease agreement itself.

Our experienced attorneys are expert drafters of lease agreements, we ensure that the lessor’s asset is protected and that his rights are afforded as in accordance with all new developments in current law. Our hand’s on approach ensures that all your unique aspects relating to your investment are protected.

A “standard universal lease agreement” simply leaves your investment susceptible to the above dangers.

These services include:       

  • Drafting of Commercial & Residential lease agreements
  • Recovering of arrear rental
  • Court process involving the eviction of unlawful occupiers
  • Rent interdicts

Contact our attorneys Cape Town for assistance with the drafting of leases, property rentals & property evictions.



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