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From category archives: Legal Articles

Divorce & Family Law

Registering Deaths and Death Certificate Requirements In South Africa

Many South African citizens do not know the correct procedures to follow in order to register a death, or how to obtain a death certificate and by whom, until it is too late. Coming to terms with a death is difficult enough without having to enquire about the legal processes that are necessary in the circumstances in order to proceed with funeral arrangements and other family affairs.

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Whether you are thinking of helping your son financially to enable him to purchase his first property or donating money towards a worthy cause, there are some things to keep in mind. A donation is defined in the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 as “any gratuitous disposal of property including any gratuitous waiver or renunciation of a right.”

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Trusts

Trusts have various advantages, but unfortunately there are also disadvantages. Although this is not a complete synopsis of all the pros and cons, our experience may assist you in making decisions about Trusts.

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Should I Draft a Will?

Taking the time to draft a will can leave you with the peace of mind that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes as far as possible. Your will should reflect exactly how you want your assets to be dealt with after your death and should not be against good morals.

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What Is The Role Of The Family Advocate?

The Family Advocate has many duties but in the context of Divorce Law, they are mostly consulted for making sure that all Parenting Plans and divorce Consent Papers are in the best interest of any minor children involved. The public can, however, also have access to the Family Advocate and it is important to note that they offer a free service.

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Bullies Beware

Sipho Swart is continually being called gay and other related names by a group of people at the local taxi rank. He was recently pushed to the floor by one of these members of the group. Roelien van der Merwe was distraught when she found out there is a website containing terrible comments about her.

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Whose Liable For Your Child's Injury at your local restaurant?

We often hear of accidents in which a child or toddler is injured. Has this become something which society accepts as the norm … that accidents do happen? Who bears liability in this case and who is responsible for safety in these situations?

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