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The Importance of Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements are legally binding contracts between parties where one or both are either required to do something in terms of the contract or to refrain from doing something.

These agreements can either take the form of being verbal, in writing, or implied. In many instances, agreements contain warranties which should be reviewed by a lawyer beforehand in order to limit the damages between parties should one of them want to opt out.

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The importance of having a legal agreement

At Bailey Haynes Inc., we believe that contracts not only bind parties to perform in terms of the contract, but they also establish long-term relationships between all the parties involved.

As disputes and disagreements often arise due to misinterpretations of the agreements in question, it is advisable to have your contracts drafted by a professional, or better yet, seek legal advice prior to the signing of the agreement to avoid negative consequences.

Our legal team are highly skilled and trained to provide expert assistance in the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements. We provide the necessary assistance and legal support throughout the negotiation and signing process to prevent unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings.

Drawing on our extensive experience of commercial law, we can offer a variety of commercial contracts to ensure that all parties involved are fully aware of the content of the agreement, are satisfied with the content and clauses included in the contract, creating and maintaining trust relations, and avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings in the interpretation of the contract in question.

Bailey Haynes Inc – Commercial Lawyers in Cape Town

Are you in need of commercial lawyers in Cape Town who can attend to the drafting of your commercial agreements without having to worry about whether you are leaving out essential elements, contact us at Bailey Haynes Inc. on 021 422 6973 to arrange a consultation.


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